About Us

Our Mission

Edington Farm Supply Company is dedicated to providing customers with a reliable source of hay and straw for their specific needs. We sell a variety of premium quality hay (grass, alfalfa, mixed) and straw to retail customers and wholesale distributors. We have been producing and selling hay in East-Central Illinois, as well as custom baling hay, for many years.

Our History

Edington Farm Supply Company is a family owned business located in east central Vermilion county Illinois.

Harry and Thelma (Menges) Edington moved to Vermilion county in the early 1940’s . They were both raised on farms. Harry in West Terre Haute, Indiana; whose father was (John Edington) , and Thelma in Homer, Illinois; her father was (George E. Menges). Together they raised eight children expanded the farm and purchased some land. All of their children Judy, John, Sherrill, Larry, Ron, Paul, Jim, helped on the farm and were taught the value of hard work and education. Harry and Thelma’s youngest child, Tony, purchased the farm in 1974 and lives there today.

Tony and his wife’s (Melissa) two children Megan and Andy call this farm home. Andy, like his sister, attended the University of Illinois and graduated from the college of ACES. Andy baled and sold hay and straw during prep school and college. His summers generated income for school and created several customers. When Andy finished his Masters’ Degree in 2005, he then went to work for the AGCO Corporation Headquarters in Duluth, Georgia. Tony kept his customers supplied, and during that time he developed the concept of customer friendly plastic wrapped bales in sizes that could be handled and hauled easily, even in a small SUV. To accommodate a broader base of customers the product was then offered to a variety of farm and ranch stores. The Big R stores of Watseka, Illinois started selling the product.

3rd and 4th generations continue to help. Eddie Edington (Larry’s Son) does tractor restorations, as well as running balers and Justin Edington (Paul’s Son) is a Ford Master Tech and helps with repairs and Tony’s granddaughter, Maya Jo is the “bale label expert”.

Other uses for our Hay & Straw

We see several uses for our products. Landscapers, Garden centers, and Contractors use our non-wrapped bales for all types of seeding. We do support local high school FFA chapters and 4-H clubs who use our wrapped bales for fundraisers. Wrapped straw bales are frequently used at outdoor events for seating.

A first was the giant straw statue that Rochelle IL. High school built from one of our large square bales of straw. We did donate that bale to the school, as you can see in the picture they did a fantastic job.